Chak Hong Lui - Acupuncturist & TCM practitioner

Bsc, MSc (TCM Gynecology), PhD (TCM internal medicine)

Lui is a fertility, pregnancy and integrated women's health expert, qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncturist and Author.

Member of the Royal Society of Medicine UK, the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK and the British Fertility Society.

In addition, Lui specialises in treating pain problem (included Autoimmune disease), lazy eye, stress, skin care, oculomotor nerve palsy, Bell's palsy, Myasthenia Gravis (MG), Pakison's disease (PD), gynecology and fertility related conditions.

When Lui was 17 years old he had Nasopharyngeal and he was 20 years old when he had Leukemia. After finishing all treatment, he was extremely weak, therefore he started to learn Chinese Medicine. He said that he is very lucky as he got the opportunity to meet many famous tutors on his journery.

As a Native-born Chinese, this is a firm foundation which can help Lui to further study Classical Chinese. Studying of Classical Chinese, Chinese literature and culture will help practitioner narrow the cultural gap, better understand the deep core skill of Chinese Medicine that is crucial for effective treatment.

In addition, Lui had lived in Japan and qualified JAPANESE ABILITY TEST. Influencing by Japanese culture, Lui's style is to provide as gentle acupuncture as possible and needles are imported specially from Japan to provide the best treatment.

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Since our first UK establishment on 67a Sheen Lane Mortlake (East Sheen - SW14) in 2007, we have moved to 132 Walham Green Court (Fulham - SW6) in 2013 as an outspread.


2014 award

Doctor Lui Clinic has been awarded the 2014 Customer Service Award from WhatClinic.com


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